Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nap time diary

I now understand all the ridiculous things that Moms savor, because as we speak I have a 6 month  old and a 10 month old in the deep throws of nap time.  HOLY SWEET DOUBLE NAP.   I also now understand the struggle that comes along with such glorious moments, like having to make the decision to either workout or sit here on the couch in yoga clothes and watch Kelly & Michael.  That struggle is so real, y'all.  I threw that moment a curve ball and decided to pick up my computer and write a bit while I sit on the couch(& watch Kelly & Michael).  As we speak there is a woman dancing in her bathing suit on live television & well, that makes me feel a tad wrong about not choosing the workout.  I'll do it later.  I swear.  Kind of.  Who the heck are these women volunteering for this task?  Something is wrong with them, right?  Even in the best shape of my life I wouldn't have jumped on that "opportunity".  Ick.

Let's throw it into random mode, shall we?  We shall!

I turn thirty next week.  Holy crap, how did that happen?  Remember 25 year old Lacey?  Prepping a "Life at 29" post as we speak.
I was a fresh 25 here, being silly with my girlfriends

Recently I have been itching to get crafty.  I've done A LOT of home projects and A LOT of sewing in the last year, but I haven't really had an opportunity to pull of the glitter and glue and pom poms, OH MY!  So when my sister's began planning my nieces birthdays, I hopped right in there and got crafty with their themes.  My baby doll, Lindlee, turns one in September & she is having a vintage circus party and my sweet Julia(doll face, for those of you who have been around forever) turns 6 next weekend and is ringing it in with a(WHAT ELSE?) Frozen party.

Last weekend, MR's best friend's wife(who I consider a good friend, myself) had her baby shower for her first baby, Nora.  I made Miss Nora all kinds of cute monogrammed goodness, but completely blanked on photographing any of it.  I will just have to wait until she is here & wearing it, I suppose!  MR brought me to the shower & went to lunch with the baby daddy to be and then after picking me up, totally made my day by taking me thrifting!  He's a boy who is always after my heart, I tell you.  I snagged this Bob Seger record that takes me right back to my childhood(Mama loves some Bob Seger, y'all!) and snapped this photo to send to her.  She was proud to say the least.

The alarm is sounding(ahem, baby screaming).
See you soon, sweet friends.

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